Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Community: Season 1 (2009)

I've never actually seen a show from it's first episode to it's last and I; for the most part, avoid TV overall. I tried watching some shows but most of them are just really...crappy. Although, I have enjoyed some animated shows such as:Family Guy,Simpsons,Futurama and Spongebob. Now I came across this show after hearing tons of people going on and on about it's greatness. Did I find it to be as great as everyone else says it to be? No. Did I really enjoy it? Yes.

The show contains: a brown guy who loves film, psychoanalyzing, and is THOUGHT to have asspergers, a white girl who is pretty much a major hipster, another white girl who has a major holier then thou attitude, a black divorced mother, an old white racist man whose been divorced several times due to his stubbornness and lack of common sense, a black male whose a major "jock" and didn't do so well in school and a white ex-lawyer whose also a major playboy. These 7 unique individuals all meet and go through various adventures due to becoming friends and creating their own study group at their community college.

The show starts off rather mediocre and struggles quite a bit due to the fact that it tries to get all the characters; who most wouldn't find very interesting and rather unlikable, to become more fleshed out and "likable". It's also incredibly ridiculous. Like the amount of shenanigans these individuals go through made me go "WTF?" a couple times. Thus, do not expect realism, if you are going to watch this show. The characters are also dumb at times and psychologically incorrect but the show is also very energetic and thus you don't care too much. The reason I described the characters nationality in the paragraph above is because, the theme of racism is very relevant through this series. It is actually a flaw at first, as it becomes like a major stamp on your face but it slowly get's mixed in with the humor and story properly. Fortunately, after the first half of the show, it starts to flow a lot more nicely, the subtle humour is a lot more smarter, the characters are a hell lot more likable, and the creativity is just bouncing everywhere! One thing I cannot deny about the show is the fact that it's very heartfelt and "epic" at times. It's pretty darn creative and features some nice homages for: "The Dark Knight, "Goodfellas", "Predator", "Call of Duty", etc. My favorite episode would have to be the "Modern Warfare" episode or "Introduction to Statistics". From what I've been told, the first season is actually the worst, as the next 2 are actually FAR better and manage everything quite perfectly. I personally found a bit of myself in every character and the stuff these individuals go through, was very relatable and even rather thought provoking. The show touches upon various topics of life, and THAT is a major plus for this series.There is never really a dull moment in this overly energetic and creative series. I am very much anticipating the next season, as I DESPITE being not as impressed as everyone else I know, enjoyed it. I liked it's creativity, it's subtle humor, the fact that it features tons of type cast characters and plot lines but makes them fresh and entertaining, it's ability to enlighten me on the smallest topics of life to the largest, and thus, you just end up going through a bit of a nostalgia rush at the finale episode, even if it was a bit anticlimatic. It's a good show and I totally recommend it. Sorry for this crappy review though.


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