Film #342

Titan A.E (2000)

It’s an animated movie taking place in the post apocalyptic year of, 3028, where the last surviving humans are trying to form a community locating each other all over the universe because of the destruction of the planet Earth(which by the way, was quite fantastically done and quite tragic to watch take place) by an invading alien race. The film revolves around 6 main characters and their journey to find a secret space station called Titan which holds the “last hope” of the human race.

The movie has quite an interesting plot unfortunately, the movie doesn’t fully live up to it. The character’s were likable but lacked any proper depth and the dialogue is rather cheesy as the characters often say a lot of cliched dialogue. The animation on the other hand, is gorgeous as it mixes 2-D animation with CGI in a very well done manner and proves why the animation genre is still alive. I also really liked the overall theme it had of human existence after Earth and how there may be a day where humans are not needed and uncared for…kinda scary in ways. The fact that a lot of the film felt predictable as heck was another flaw and also it seemed to borrow a lot from other science fiction films. It was entertaining though.


-Alexson Philipiah