Sunday, 22 January 2012

War Horse (2011)

Film #352

War Horse (2011)

It's a very "nice" film. Yeah it drags a bit in the middle,some of it felt like something I've seen already in other films and is longer then it should be, and it's rather cheesy with a lot of sap, but I guess I enjoy this type of "sap". Spielbergian sap is the good type of sap. I also really liked the fact that it gives the viewers different perspectives of World War 1 along with the horse being the main character. All the characters were nicely developed with the story of the two German boys and the farm boy having the most emotional impact towards me. I also found it interesting that the Germans "invaded" their own peoples homes...I never knew that....Very nice cinematography and visuals,they were a bit literal of it's meanings like the whole orange shadings in the end of the film, but still. I also liked the nice classic score that was done by John Williams, it definitely brought the overall feel of the early 1900's and the first war. Overall,it's not as amazing as Nick Lyonssays it out to be, but it's good stuff. 


-Alexson Philipiah

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