Friday, 10 February 2012

Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2011)

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Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2011)

I'd like to say that director Eli Craig is going far in his career after this film. I mean dammit this movie was freaking hilarious, full out ridiculous, very entertaining, heartfelt and even politically correct! It's definitely being added to my favourite comedies of all time. The film tackles horror film cliches in a way that is just so damn entertaining and it was hard to really point out any of the flaws as it was purposely ridiculous. The fact that it tries to send out the message that "people are individuals, not just easy regional stereotypes." made me love it even more. This is a damn good movie that deserves to be known by more people. It's kinda genius in a way to be honest. (You have to really think about many of the various aspects such as the significance of the title, the characters and their motives,etc). Then again, this is no perfect film. It's got it's share of flaws, such as a weak last quarter, the technical aspects could have been stronger, and for a film like this, more shock factor would have made it better. STILL, it's a damn good movie.


-Alexson Philipiah

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