Sunday, 15 April 2012

One Direction

Music Review

Basking in their success ever since Simon Cowell signed their record label, One Direction have taken over the world with their undeniable charm. I listened to mostly all of their songs and I can come to a conclusion that: Their alright. I don’t know if they will last long with their success but so far, their doing a decent job. The problem with them is that, their just like any other pop artists. Their lyrics are as bland as bland can be. It’s just them screaming out to teenage girls “We love you and we want you to love us!” Literally. Like in one of their videos, they are standing in a bus, smiling, wearing almost exactly the same clothing as each other, waving to all of their ecstatic fans singing “Get out, get out,get out of my head, and fall into my arms instead”. It’s like they all sat down together and told each other, “Hey mate, we’re gonna use lyrics from other artists,and sometimes just say whatever comes into our minds at the moment. After all, we’re really good looking, we got an Irish guy who actually has a decent voice, we got SWAG, and well…GIRLS LOVE US!”. Ugh. Unfunny as this may be for fans, it most probably is true. You can see their having the time of their lives and for the most part, they might even be considered to be purposely corny but as I listened to one of their other songs that was meant to be serious, “More than this” and “Gotta be you”, I realized…these guys suck lyrically. It’s very cringe worthy. I would also like to say I do adore their fashion but even that get’s a bit too much. All the teenage girls listening to their music now, will most likely laugh in embarrassment 10 years from now so I’ll let it go. Their fans have obviously fallen for the trap that media has set up…since the beginning of media. Their “music” is fine but get’s annoying after listening to it on the radio a ton of times and I noticed some of the instruments used sound rather cheap.

Overall, One Direction has the looks but that’s pretty much it. I see about 5 years before they split and end up doing their own thing…maybe even going after a real job and living a normal life like the average person. I do feel sickened at times as these guys set up the standards for some girls…they may deny it but subconsciously…it’s true. 

Rating: 4/10

For all you "One Direction" haters, a parody: 

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